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As a kid I always created. From painting, sketching, drawing cartoon characters to building 3 dimensional animals out of paper were daily events during my childhood. Because I wasn’t allowed to go hang in the streets a lot due to the violence, I ended up honing my creative skills. Talk about #BeastMode... At the time I had no idea what my creative hobbies meant for my future but it is definitely coming to fruition.

Adidas is a great company but I would have never thought my creative projects as a child would end up allowing me to be hired by Adidas for a custom shoe event on Rush avenue in Chicago back in 2007. It was a fantastic opportunity. Adidas was launching an event to drive awareness for their Adicolor shoe releases. Their shoes featured designs from DC comics, illustrators and other creative groups. One shoe in particular allowed you to customize it yourself with markers. If you preferred to have a professional do it then you could bring your shoe straight to me in the back of the store and I’d hook it up. #Fresh ahha.

My life has been full of trials but this Adidas project was the start to the many highlights in my life. I will never forget this! One thing I have forgotten is where I put all of those shoe designs…. Still a mystery lol.

...incredibly driven, creative, business man at an early age.

Mark-Anthony was an incredibly driven, creative, business man at an early age. I had the pleasure of managing Mark-Anthony while he was a student. During that time he was incredibly responsible and dependable as an employee. He is self driven and motivated by his accomplishments. I wish Mark-Anthony all the best and please feel free to contact me for a direct reference.

November 9, 2012, Jenna managed Mark-Anthony at The Automatic Lofts

Jenna Barnes - Chicago, Illinois