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Life has been quite the rollercoaster. I’ve lived in violent urban communities, different countries, states, experienced poverty as a child, homelessness, war, surgeries and racial challenges. With all that said, I feel this is what it all means to be alive. Many of these situations developed my current mentality now built for handling entrepreneurship. The journey to being an entrepreneur has been a trying one and still continues to test my limitations but I feel it’s necessary to fulfill my purpose on this planet. I’m here to serve others and dedicate my life to making others’ lives better.

Speaking at The Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago is an opportunity to help the youth through sharing my story and helping them through theirs. Many of the questions they ask center around our experiences and what we’ve done to achieve the level of success to date. I find that to be less helpful than putting the focus on the students. When I was their age I had no idea what questions to ask to receive help so I asked the same questions.

Now, it’s about their problems, their issues, their goals and aspirations. Given my problem solving gift, focusing on the students when I speak is key. I ask, “What do you want to do with your major?” “Are you networking yet?” “Have you asked your professor for industry contacts?” There’s so many ways to solve a problem. All you need is the right formula and understand your variables. At the end of the day we all require help. All we have to do is care more.

Mark-Anthony is an effective speaker and has excellent presentation skills...

Mark-Anthony is an effective speaker and has excellent presentation skills. He recently spoke to my Graphic Design class and made quite an impression; not only as an alumni, but in his direct, eloquent and no-nonsense message. I would highly recommend him as a motivational speaker.

Susan Holt - Freelance Art Director/Senior Designer