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Life has been quite the rollercoaster. I’ve lived in violent urban communities, different countries, states, experienced poverty as a child, homelessness, war, surgeries and racial challenges. With all that said, I feel this is what it all means to be alive. Many of these situations given me the tough skin and mental stability to handle entrepreneurship. And this journey to being an entrepreneur has been a trying one and still continues to test my limitations.

Several years ago, I was accepted into college at The Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. Only a few short hours of the notice we received a phone call that my cousin has been shot and killed. For some reason, life tends to deliver events two-fold. A favorable moment and an unfavorable one, both within close proximity regarding timing. I’ve become gradually used to this phenomenon.

While attending Ai Chicago a number of opportunities revealed themselves. I was a residential advisor and a director of ambassadors during college. I also modeled and even appeared on the second episode of Prison Break. The other opportunities reached throughout the corporate world. I customized shoes for Adidas, was in the Chicago Sun-Times for customizing Lance Briggs (Chicago Bears linebacker), 55 Shoes, and having my work showcased in a number of fashion shows and shoe competitions. Life was moving so fast. Friends were everywhere and people were helping each other. It was a great time for everyone. It was a little too well for me and later I decided to join the Marine Corps. Life was ever-changing after that.

I had no inclination as to what the many situations I’ve dealt with were preparing me for but now it’s clear. Being a leader at an early age, finding a focus, testing it and succeeding developed an individual ready for entrepreneurship. Now, as of Q4 of 2016, I founded BRICKS Creative Group. It has been a tough period because I was and still am currently losing friends, lacking communication from family and peers but Bunker Labs in Chicago made the process more manageable. My team has secured several clients. Pupjoy, a new app which will be the Instagram for music, Nola Ade, and soon will secure a partnership with an interested party. BRICKS being the business, helping the ignored get all the attention, will be extremely successful at accomplishing this goal for start-ups and businesses worldwide. I understand I’ve failed many times and will continue to fail. In the end it’s about learning and improving not just myself but others. What is unfolding, I guarantee, will add to the excitement life has brought so far. #LetsDoThis

...incredibly driven, creative, business man at an early age.

Mark-Anthony was an incredibly driven, creative, business man at an early age. I had the pleasure of managing Mark-Anthony while he was a student. During that time he was incredibly responsible and dependable as an employee. He is self driven and motivated by his accomplishments. I wish Mark-Anthony all the best and please feel free to contact me for a direct reference.

Jenna Barnes - Chicago, Illinois