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Motivating at 1871

Effective Speaking - Motivation - Guidance

Speaking, inspiring and Encouraging

The opportunity to speak at 1871 for any reason is one I will take advantage of. The influence 1871 has on the world is undeniable and being a part of the movement means more to me than I'm able to express. During the Experience Panel we answered a number of questions for the students in the program.

Envisions mission remains focused on giving high-aspiring students in elementary school through college the unique opportunity to turn their career and life aspirations into reality. Their programs are innovative, safe, fun, empowering, and provide transformational experiences that enable students to: Discover their passion, explore a career, make a difference and realize their dreams. I felt an overwhelming sense of duty to speak after realizing how closely tied to BRICKS mission this program was.

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Direct, eloquent and no-nonsense message

Mark-Anthony is an effective speaker and has excellent presentation skills. He recently spoke to my Graphic Design class and made quite an impression; not only as an alumni, but in his direct, eloquent and no-nonsense message. I would highly recommend him as a motivational speaker.

Susan Holton - Freelance Art Director/Senior Designer