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Customizing in College

Being in college allowed me to catch all sorts of opportunities. It’s because whatever I wanted and thought I deserved I went after with relentless pursuit. Every now and then I was tempted to waste time with friends and entertain those in my circle. But in my mind I thought, “This isn’t right. I meant to do more than go to college, hang out and play video games.

After moving into the Automatic Lofts as one of their CAs (Community Advisors), I was instructed to help develop programs and classes for the students who lived in the community. Our purpose was to keep order and help the students have better living experiences away from home.

One of the events we created together as team was the Automatic Fashion show. We invited students to showcase their work and I was included as a featured designer in the show as well. I customized shoes, skateboard decks, purses, and high heels during college. It was an event many of the students loved and at the same time exposed them to magazines, papers and photographers that showed up to the event. It definitely set the pace for what Automatic Lofts was capable of as far as culture. Yea, they did that! It also tested my abilities to lead a team during a photoshoot. I did my best to be on point. LOL! #Outchea!

...incredibly driven, creative, business man at an early age.

Mark-Anthony was an incredibly driven, creative, business man at an early age. I had the pleasure of managing Mark-Anthony while he was a student. During that time he was incredibly responsible and dependable as an employee. He is self driven and motivated by his accomplishments. I wish Mark-Anthony all the best and please feel free to contact me for a direct reference.

November 9, 2012, Jenna managed Mark-Anthony at The Automatic Lofts

Jenna Barnes - Chicago, Illinois