He's developed creative elements and strategies for million-dollar fortune 500 accounts, start-ups and small businesses and on a global scale. He'd love to help with your project!


Everyone has a story to tell. Mine started born into a military family led by a single mother. Life was difficult but she did her best.

My mental toughness and relentless nature derives from my experiences dealing with change throughout my youth. Whether it was living in different cities with wealthy or poor kids I figured out how to deal with it.

The abilities I use to solve problems stems from my childhood, video games and the Marine Corps. Believe it or not, role playing games based on strategy help to develop critical thinking skills for a multitude of situations. And today I use them more than ever.

One of the biggest problems I had to solve was being homeless after I left the Marine Corps. And ever since then, I've created for some of the largest advertising agencies, worked with Serena Williams and many others.

The People Behind

I've had a tremendous number of struggles and successes but my success is not mine alone.

There have been key people life has presented at the right times. Many of them provided me with opportunities where others provided learning lessons. Below is a small list of those who played a role in my success to date. I do not mean to leave others out. Believe you're just as important.

Mark-Anthony's Services

Consultation Calls

$ 45 hr and up

1 hour phone call to address feedback, questions, marketing, design, social media and other creative needs.

  • Setup calls via email
  • Book a time
  • Attend the call

Digital Marketing

$ 1500 a month

Campaign concept development, design execution, photography and account management.

  • 15 Social Media Posts per month
  • 2 Social Media Accounts
  • 3 Email Posts per month

Corporate Identity

$ 2500 and up

Creative branding solutions for logo design, color exploration and a graphic standards manual.

  • 1 Logo Design (2 options)
  • 1 Business Card & Letterhead design
  • 1 Graphic Standards Manual

Logo Design

$ 1,150 and up

A professional well-designed brand mark reflecting the identity of the business. This involves color exploration and explanation.

  • 3 Different Logo Options
  • Color exploration
  • 3 Revisions

Event Collatoral Design

$ 650

Event look & feel concept design. This includes photography, font and color treatment in order to define a design DNA.

  • 5 Social Media Post designs
  • 2 Print & Digital Event Ad Elements
  • 1 Event landing page for website

Website Design

$ 3500 and up

Hardcoded HTML/XML website design with SEO and supply of stock photography. Includes copywriting and content creation services.

  • 1 Website Design
  • 8 Custom Designed Pages
  • 4 Revisions to initial concept

Print Design

$ 250 and up

Design print advertisements, direct mailers, event collateral, leave behinds, table tents, in-store posters, shelf talkers and floor graphics.

  • Utilize existing brand & creative elements
  • Develop Creative Layout
  • Deliver Print Ready Files

Packaging Design

$ 1,050 and up

Utilizing existing brand elements, several concepts will be created with print production ready keyline files.

  • 1 Concept design
  • Print production
  • Delivered print files

Infographic Design

$ 850 and up

Includes information design layout in digital form. Print layouts & their production is a separate cost.

  • Information Design & Understanding
  • Concept Development

App UX/UI Design

$ 5500 and up

One-sided facing app design, prototype development, usability testing and 3 design concept options.

  • 4 App Sections
  • 2 Revisions to chosen app concept
  • 1 Prototype export

App Development

$ 2250 and up

One-sided facing app, 3 sections, for IOS and Android

  • 3 App Sections
  • For IOS and Android
  • 2 Months of free maintenance & updates