13th & Able's product sales suffered from the lack of awareness and online representation. A problem identified after information gathered during the discovery phase.

With this knowledge, we suggested they grow their online presence with effective engagement strategies increasing site visits, likes and communicate product benefit.


Accessories add to style but they aren't the only treats that exists. Automobiles, watches, sunglasses to event experiences and people; add to life. Now, we're introducing more ways to treat you and your style.

Ad concepts were created to help sell in the idea of the "Treat Yourself" campaign. We followed the strategy outlined in the presentation placing the bowtie in the in-situ. The environments paralleled the outlined concept.

Abilities Used

Art Direction

Provide direction for concept and creative solutions. Present to team and client new design strategies, creative elements and design layouts.

Social Media Strategy

Develop campaigns, creative elements, schedules and content for social media accounts. Present new ideas to marketing team for approval.

Brand Strategy

Use key business drivers to determine the brand initiatives and utilize those as guides for establishing or modify the existing brand strategy.


Execute design for social media, print, digital and any other requirements.

Campaign Results

The campaign, given its short 3 week deration was a success. The analytics to the left below show the rate of follwers, impressions and website clicks.

Even with all of the success the client decided to attempt to manage their business on their own.

Within the first 2 weeks: 20 more profile views - 18+ more followers - 175+ impressions - 55+ reach

All of the results were the evidence of a solid strategy based on reliable and related insights.

Social Media Strategy

Brand Awareness & acquisition posts for the two primary accounts were created. Both single and multi-image post were used strategically throughout the campaign.

Jarvis Brown

Early to late 30's, single, renting, digitally savvy, fashion forward, carrer driven

How to engage: Social media (Instagram & facebook) Retailers (Partnerships with communication)

Trish Kumi

Early to late 30's, single mom, renting, social bug, extrovert, outgoing, educated & career driven

How to engage: Social media, SMS messaging and email. Retailer/partnership second

Results Matter

Even though the creative and strategy was spot on and the client received more than favorable results, it’s ultimately up to the client to continue the process. Due to their lack of understanding regarding the advertising process we could not continue to improve their brand.

We trust those of you viewing the solutions here understand and appreciate the effort. For the value is not in the work but the understanding and appreciation of the process.

Designer & Art Director / Mark-Anthony Marshall

United States Marine Corps veteran turned creative problem solver. With his 10 years in advertising & marketing as a creative consultant, he has the ability to help in several categories of design and strategy.

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