iPartyyy had little to no engagement from their consumer base. Every post had 1 to 3 likes per image and zero comments. With little oversite regarding strategy they’ve had success because they have always been able to throw parties, but their app downloads were suffering as well. How could they increase engagement, develop better creative and foster deeper relationships with their consumers?


iPartyyy is a nightlife social network. Mark-Anthony convinced iPartyyy to launch an experiential event for their awareness campaign incentivizing consumers to create organic content for their social media platforms. Utilizing #iPartyyyROL, for the event called (Renditions of Love), singers all over america were asked to upload videos of them singing for a chance to win great prizes and a studio recording session with a signed artist. All of the finalist would compete at the Renditions of Love event.

Understanding what moves people in the nightlife was important to us given iPartyyy's purpose of connecting people to the best nightlife experiences. Our opportunity to showcase emerging artists only made sense because it held an organic engagement directly to our target audience. Club venues are nothing without music and this concept celebrates everything fun in club culture using the iPartyyy social platform as their threshold.

Abilities Used

Art Direction

Provide direction for concept and creative solutions. Present to team and client new design strategies, creative elements and design layouts.

Social Media Strategy

Develop campaigns, creative elements, schedules and content for social media accounts. Present new ideas to marketing team for approval.

Brand Strategy

Use key business drivers to determine the brand initiatives and utilize those as guides for establishing or modify the existing brand strategy.


Execute design for social media, print, digital and any other requirements.

Campaign Results

Mark-Anthony's suggestions and ideas for the event activation was a success. Not only did the new iPartyyy logo and brand strategy elevate the iPartyyy platform into a more high-end space positively received by consumers and venue partners, it also played a role in the consumer response via social media. Comments increased, likes increased more than 200% on instagram, follwers grew more than 352%, new page likes on facebook up by 1,566%. People were uploading organic content and appreciating iPartyyy, which created deeper relationships with their consumers.

The results were for the first week. Downloads increased as well from singers sharing their content using #iPartyyyROL. It was a great idea with well received by our consumers.

Event Microsite

Once we decided to move forward with the concept, we had to provide information for the event. Mark-Anthony designed a landing page, which housed the steps to submission, timing, legal and contest rules. Below are sections of the microsite's design and layout.

Results Matter

At the end of the day, Mark-Anthony cares about the result. His abilities are constantly being challenged and questioned but he truly cares about helping people and will let the results do the talking.

Designer & Art Director / Mark-Anthony Marshall

United States Marine Corps veteran turned creative problem solver. With his 10 years in advertising & marketing as a creative consultant, he has the ability to help in several categories of design and strategy.

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