Project Brief

Primaloft, a global insulation company, was in search for a new visual strategy for their brand. The traditional look and feel of outdoor companies wasn't working for them. The ask, develop a look & feel defining the weekend warrior mentality taking on the elements effortlessly given the comfort and security Primaloft provides.


We worked to define a visual identitfier for the advanced insulation technology. The solution, use the Primaloft logo as a visual cue of technology preventing the escape of heat from the body. The thin outline represents the strength and core of the gear or equipment worn.

The background is treated as a piece of artwork. It's warm and inviting opening up a deeper connection through emotional responses triggering a sense of involvement.

The overall visual solution brings together the primaloft supported gear, a technology visual, engaging background elements and high contrast photography.

Abilities Used

Art Direction

Provide direction for concept and creative solutions. Present to team and client new design strategies, creative elements and design layouts.


Execute design solutions for print, social media, digital, email and any other creative requirements.

Designer & Art Director / Mark-Anthony Marshall

United States Marine Corps veteran turned creative problem solver. With his 10 years in advertising & marketing as a creative consultant, he has the ability to help in several categories of design and strategy.

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