SpeakTruthSummit advertised their event on their own for months. It wasn’t until 8 weeks from the event day, they decided to request Mark-Anthony to assist with ticket sales and spreading awareness. The goal, sell 249 tickets in 6 weeks. The first week and a half focused on discovery, strategy and creative development.


The new creative is clean with clear call to actions. The colors stem from the summits brand identity and provide a more stable and cohesive visual identity. The same approach was utilized on both digital and print.

Unlike the original posts and copy, the following posts engaged the audience on social by empowering the speakers. We created quotes and speaker posts. They provided advice and shared these via their pages as well.

Old Creative

Lack of engagement and less than ideal ticket sales was a result of weak communication and visual strategies. Their original creative, below, featured the right audience but was difficult to read and digest. Social media posts, on the left, used the same layout and design as their print material to the right. An example of what not to do. The first goal was to fix the creative strategy and communicate the intent clearly.

Abilities Used

Art Direction

Provide direction for concept and creative solutions. Present to team and client new design strategies, creative elements and design layouts.

Social Media Strategy

Develop campaigns, creative elements, schedules and content for social media accounts. Present new ideas to marketing team for approval.

Brand Strategy

Use key business drivers to determine the brand initiatives and utilize those as guides for establishing or modify the existing brand strategy.


Execute design for social media, print, digital and any other requirements.

Campaign Results

Since the start of the 6 weeks, the results were more than favorable. We didn’t sell out but the amount of progress made along with the content was well received. The client was more than pleased.

45 more tickets sold - 383 average impressions - 450 new instagram follers - Within the first week: 120 profile visits - 13 website clicks - 2 emails

All of the results were the evidence of a solid strategy based on reliable and related insights.

Social Media Strategy

Every post on social media, both facebok and instagram, was created to be more engaging. Colors, images to fonts follow a strict system. This execution positions the brand on a higher level.

Results Matter

Speak Truth was so impressed they signed up for the entire year of 2019

Designer & Art Director / Mark-Anthony Marshall

United States Marine Corps veteran turned creative problem solver. With his 10 years in advertising & marketing as a creative consultant, he has the ability to help in several categories of design and strategy.

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